About me

ISO PAK is a universal assembly product which is designed to last. From a child's toy to a medical tray. ISO PAK has been used by people from all walks of life and is fulfilling its purpose of reducing waste and saving space.

ISO PAK is so simple it's designed for children to use.

Within minutes you can create almost anything, organise your desk with boxes, make a bowl for your soup or even make a quick back-pack for on the go.

Clean, wash

Rinse and Use

Unpack, fold

and build

Our product is suitable for children, letting their creativity run wild in a constructive and safe way. With high quality, we ensure our product is safe by being non-toxic as well as have a long life to save the planet and the penguins.


Suitable to use

suitable to play

The very idea that started this journey was sustainability, so we take it seriously. We will always aim for the most sustainable option, even our packaging is recyclable.

Sustainable from

the very start